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Health & Safety Policy
EncoreNZ Holdings Ltd is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for the safety and health of all workers and other persons in the workplace. It is recognised that maintaining the highest possible standards of health and safety is a key management responsibility and a measure of the success of this organisation.
The Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) will be accountable for the following duties:
  • To provide and maintain a Safety Management System (SMS) for continuous improvement in OHS management.

  • To provide safe plant and systems of work.

  • To identify, assess and manage significant hazards and monitor continuing effectiveness.

  • To ensure all incidents and accidents are promptly & accurately reported, recorded, investigated and analysed for trends.
  • To ensure, where possible, any worker who suffers a work related lost time injury has available to them alternative appropriate duties to aid in their vocational rehabilitation.

  • To annually review the SMS in consultation with workers.

  • To ensure the ongoing consultation and worker participation with regard to H & S matters.

The PCBU is responsible for ensuring the setting up and monitoring of processes to carry this out. The PCBU will ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that EncoreNZ Holdings Ltd meets all of its obligations under the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015, applicable Regulations, Approved Codes of Practice, Guidelines and other relevant standards.

The PCBU will undertake regular assessments to identify hazards, consider the risks involved, and set up control measures as necessary.

These processes will be documented in a manual known as the Safety Management System (SMS). This manual will be reviewed and improved in consultation with workers on an annual basis. This manual will be made available to all workers.

Workers duties
  • Take reasonable care for their own safety

  • Take reasonable care they, through either their own action or inaction, that they do not affect the health and safety of other people

  • Comply with any reasonable instruction that is given by the PCBU
  • Correct and/or report any unsafe conditions which come to their attention

  • Cooperate with any reasonable policy or procedure of the PCBU

This policy will be reviewed annually – or as required beforehand – by the PCBU, to ensure compliance with any legislation or organisational changes. The PCBU seeks the co-operation of all workers in fulfilling our H & S requirements.

Signed: Teisha Pihama          Dated: 01/11/2019


ENCORE NZ Holdings Limited – Privacy Policy

Where we collect personal information (as set out in the Privacy Act 1993 (Privacy Act)) about candidates for employment and employees (you, your), information will only be collected for lawful purposes by EncoreNZ Holdings Limited (us, we, our). Those lawful purposes include, for example, to assess suitability for employment and promotion, through screening, interviewing, medical checking, pre-employment vetting and reference checking, and for the efficient administration of our various business processes, such as payroll functions (eg. through collection of your bank account details and IRD number). If you are successful in your application for employment we will retain the information collected in relation to that application on your personal file.

We will only collect, use and disclose personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act. We will ensure that your personal information is securely stored to prevent unauthorised access. We will only hold personal information for as long as is necessary, after which the information will be securely destroyed.

We will make every effort to ensure that any personal information held by us is accurate, up to date, complete, and relevant to the purpose for which it was collected. You have the right to ask for and access any personal information we hold about you, as required by the Privacy Act. If you consider any personal information we hold about you is incorrect, you can ask us to change it. Any queries about your personal information can be raised with us.

By applying for and/or accepting employment with us, including through our website, you agree to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this policy and the Privacy Act.

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