Employer Solutions

The EncoreNZ Solution

EncoreNZ has created solutions tailored to different business’ within the Industrial Sector

  • Constructed teams for peak & annual demands using our efficient & effective internal roster system: Proactively for our clients anytime…. Any day of the week!
  • Role Analysis: Consultation around the role requirements ensuring you have all bases covered
  • Temporary to Permanent Specialists: Creating the opportunity for your business & our candidates that we provide as a solution to your business
  • Business Synergy: Integration with your business all year round to meet the demands of specific roles

EncoreNZ specializes in providing Personnel Management Solutions & Consultancy to the Industrial sector.

As an Employer

We all make crucial decisions in the daily functions of business. Those decisions really impact on the results within your business.
From productivity, to the ever changing seasons of demand within your sector, we are all accountable to someone – whether it be meeting deadlines, completing a Project on time, getting an order to Port in preparation for Export or even getting those important succession plans in place to steer that ship in the best possible direction.

In order to execute our business goals we all need people in our business to aid in that succession plan and reaching that pinnacle in your business.

Real Time & Cost Factors of Finding a New Team Member:

  • Taking the time away from your responsibilities to take your position to the Labour Market
  • Screening, Interviewing, Medical Checking, Pre-Employment Vetting, Reference Checking
  • On-boarding that new person and ensuring they fit within the Culture & Philosophies of your team
  • Lost Productivity during the process of Training & Development – It can take 1-2 years to reach the productivity of an existing person
  • Training Cost: Over the period of 2-3 years a business is likely to invest 10-20% of an employees salary in training

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